D.C Fail Safe Brake

D.C Fail Safe Brake

The DC Spring Applied brake unit designed to perform holding as well as emergency stopping functions (Normally On), making it particularly well- suited for brake motor applications. These brakes are electromagnetically actuated single disk with two friction surfaces. The braking power is applied by means of compression springs. The braking torque is generated in the no power or in event of power failure condition. These brakes are having torque up to 5000 Nm. Brake are available in various version as per application need. Special version like brake with micro switch, tacho mounting provision, with centering flange etc. can be also supplied. Brake also available for low temperature (-40°C) application. These brakes can be used as Press Brake, Lift Brake, Elevator Brake and Hoist Brake.

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 Brake size  14.458.06, 14.458.08, 14.458.10, 14.458.12, 14.458.14, 14.458.16, 14.458.18, 14.458.20, 14.458.25..


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