Pendant Control

Pendant Control

Our Crane Control unit, Push Button Pendant Station are available to fit a wide variety of applications from the simplest one motion hoist to three-motion cranes with multiple switches and accessories.Our Pendant Push button station is best for EOT Crane,Hoist & Moving Machinery.We are supplier of World class best quality pendant push button,crane pendant station.

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Products Range

  • 2-push button pendant-all single speed/dual speed
  • 4-push button pendant-all single speed/dual speed
  • 4-push button pendant-2 single/dual speed/on/off/E
  • 6-push button pendant-4 single/dual speed/on/off/E
  • 8-push button pendant-6 single/dual speed /on/off/E
  • 10-push button pendant-8 single/dual speed /on/off/E
  • 12-push button pendant-10 single/dual speed /on/off/E


  • Product features Compact safety yellow enclosure.
  • Two-piece enclosure simplified field wiring.
  • Easy to read legend plates..
  • NEMA 4x Enclosure rating. Degree of protection IP65.
  • -15°C to 70°C (5°F to 160°F) operation temperature.
  • UL Listed.
  • 100 G shock resistance.
  • Indoor or outdoor use